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Mobile App Development in Virginia

Are you a company looking to adapt to the modern technological changes in your business? One of the major changes that businesses make is facilitating their employees and customers with mobile app uses that ease their everyday tasks.

All business functions are integrated with a highly user-friendly interface that allows them to take charge and carry out multiple operations.

At Lianna Marketing, our team of experts uses the best methods to develop these amazing, technically robust, and scalable mobile apps for you!

With the right experts at the helm, you can get the best mobile app for your company!

How does Lianna Marketing Conducts Mobile App Development?

From start to finish, the team at Lianna Marketing endeavors to provide you with a cohesive mobile app that not only fulfills your customer’s requirements but it also provides an easy-to-use and interactive UX design.

The team at Lianna Marketing partners up with you and the procedure for designing and developing your mobile app goes this way:

The Idea Phase

When companies and individuals approach us to design their mobile apps, we seek out their thought processes and ask them about the style and design of their apps. Keeping their directions and ideas in mind, we start planning their mobile app.

After putting forward the ideas, we approach the organization and ask for their approval for the application.

Design and Development Process

Using their ideas, the team of experts at Lianna Marketing conducts research and strategizes the design. We design the architecture of the mobile app and then figure out each clickable section and wireframe. Lastly, we plan out the functional implementations that will go into the design.

After the design process, our team conducts mobile app development in Virginia and tests it before putting it forward as the last stage.

The Integration Phase

Our skilled professionals are experts in all mobile tools therefore, they ensure that all tools like ERP, CRM, and HRMS are integrated into the design of your app. We also add all backend Applications into the software, with the right cloud services and middleware incorporation that allows ease of use in all areas of the app and your customers and employees are able to use it.

Testing and Launching

In the end, before integrating it into your system, we perform all sorts of testing to ensure that the app remains active and functioning at all ends. From functional testing to specialized and automated testing, we perform it all!

When all our tests are successful, our team of experts allows you to launch the application throughout your company and enable this new and improved technology to be a big part of everyday functions in the organization.

Support and Improvement

After launching the app, we also offer 30 days of support and improvement. When users use the app, difficulties are bound to occur. In order to cater to such issues, we are present for you to improve your app as many times as you want. We leave the app in your care when you are completely satisfied with the usage and interface.

So, whether you have an android mobile app in mind or iOS software, mobile app development at Lianna Marketing can cater to all your choices!

Select Your Preferred Mobile App Development in Virginia

  • iOS Mobile App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • VR/AR App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Native Mobile App Development

Who We Work with?

Our collaborative team has solutions for all kinds of businesses. Therefore, we partner with and work for many companies. Our pool of clients includes:

Established Organizations

At Lianna Marketing, we welcome when established companies adapt new technologies and integrate them into their systems. Our team networks well with mature companies and integrating new systems and mobile apps becomes easier with simpler processes.


We have some amazing cost-effective solutions that enable startups to join the corporate world with already-integrated mobile apps that allow them to grow swiftly in the business world with modern technology!

The Government

We also work with government organizations that require a high level of security in their apps but also ease of use for their employees. Therefore, there are many mobile app solutions ready for you that enable security as well as simplicity at Lianna Marketing!

FinTech Companies

As FinTech has embraced the technological surface, at Lianna Marketing, we have come up with many simple yet effective FinTech apps to allow their users the best user interface with maximum security by working with many banks!

Non-Profit Organizations

By partnering up with non-profit organizations, Lianna Marketing has been able to teach many nontechnical audiences many technical aspects of using mobile apps and their advantages in the future!

Logistics and Transport

The experts at Lianna Marketing understand the difficulties of architecture and want to incorporate technology in order to ease those high computing demands. By working with the technical side of architecture, logistics, and transportation, we have designed much such software and have been successful in incorporating mobile app development in many areas!

Trust us, at Lianna Marketing to get the best mobile app for your company!

We Embrace All Emerging Talents

Lianna Marketing embraces the use of technology and keeps working towards ease of solutions by using tech and computing in all industries. Our experts are always working towards integrating machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality in all commercial uses whenever they can to promote a more technically-sound world!

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