About Lianna Marketing

    We help entrepreneurs 10X their sales.

    If you want to make more money, massively increase sales (no matter what you sell), and find more customers then we can definitely help you.

    We are the best at Business growth and our accomplishments include:


    •  PhD. From School of Hard Knocks 🙂
    • Master’s In civil engineering from Shiraz University
    • Bachelor’s degree In Software Engineering from polytechnic
    • Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics from Queen Margret University
    • Bachelor’s degree in Quantum physics engineering from Guap university

    Work History:

    • 8 years helping entrepreneurs as consultants
    • One of the fastest-growing consulting companies

    Awards, Titles, and Designations:

    • Generated more than $300 Million in sales combined for our customers in less than 8 years
    • Earned more than 60+ accreditations from the industry leaders

    Other Info:

    • Scaled more than 200 businesses from 0 to $1m in less than 18 months
    • Featured in more than 100+ business-related journal
    • We Love quantum physics
    • We are coffee addicts
    • Manage to overcome near bankruptcy at least twice in business
    • Overcame numerous business setbacks to create Lianna marketing

    When you want to 10X your sales, we’re the ones who can help you with Business growth.

    we have everything you need to help you make more money, massively increase sales (no matter what you sell), and find more customers!

    About Us

    When we started eight years ago, we knew we would get this far because we believed in what we were doing. We began as a Freelancer, and after working with several companies, we got most of the companies were not on the right marketing path, and they were doing advertising with no goal. Some made money and some not, but even the ones that were money did not know what they could get with that amount of advertising. Therefore we have decided to start our marketing company to help people have the best return on investment and see where they are in 5 years in terms of marketing. We are the future of advertising that wants to change the marketing world. We are USA based company which started in Virginia and now serve all over the world.

    Why we are different

    The first thing that we do is to provide you with a marketing plan and strategy that exactly tells you where you will be in the next five years. No more uncertainty. Unfortunately, not all marketing tools work for you or your company. They can quickly become a money sink. Therefore, we will let you know where to start and how to continue. The only thing that can be problematic for you? Handling the upcoming growth, Are you ready?
    We are growth partners who care about you and your success. We aspire to be the last marketing company you’ll ever work with.

    Our Badges